After hanging out with Becky we just fell in love with her easy going attitude, her focus on family and her love for animals.  As the leader of the popular travel and life blog “What U Talking Bout Willis” ( ) you instantly find yourself surrounded by positivity and wisdom when casually chatting with Becky.  Smart and entertaining her lifestyle blog is a great place to discover all that is wonderful about life.  Working with Becky to design an inspirational jewelry for daughters statement necklace piece was a true pleasure in all regards.

During the jewelry making process we selected a custom personalized name necklace dog tag pendant which served as the perfect jewelry backdrop for a special name in Becky’s life which is “Elli”.  Elli is the first pet her son and his family have taken care of.  She gave the necklace to her daughter-in-law as a gift because they have developed a special bond together.  Adding additional significance Elli’s name is a play off words from the name of the gun Becky’s son uses for hunting (Benelli).  Becky describes herself as the following which really provides great insight into how much she cherishes the significant names in her life.  Becky notes she is a:

“Wife, mother, grandma, blogger, all wrapped into one person, although it does not define her these are roles that are important to her. Entering into their ’empty nest’ stage in life, Becky, and her husband Roger are learning to live with their youngest away at school. (This special engraved necklace is a gift to her son’s wife)”

Becky also mentions that she enjoys way too many TV programs and that her favorites are normally crime or comedy related. She has big plans for 2018 and wants everyone to keep an eye on her website and projects in the New Year!  At we will certainly be watching to see how Becky’s beautiful stories unfold and are so happy she enjoyed her daughter-in-laws personalized nameplate necklace.

While Elli is still just a puppy Becky wanted a name necklace for her daughter in law that she could cherish for years to come which is exactly what we created.  What names in your life do you hold near and dear to your heart?  What is the name of the most special pet you have ever cared for in your life?

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